Friday, July 30, 2010

You won't wanna miss this!!

Guns N' Roses To Perform At Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Friday August 13th!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Dj ASHBA is a wonderful man!!
He's always doing his best to be in contact with his fans and he really cares about their feelings!!
He talked about this recently on his Facebook:

"I appreciate each n' everyone of you more than you'll ever know. Please do not take it personal if I do not respond to your emails, or if it takes me some time to respond. I am doing my best to keep up and I refuse to let anyone answer my mail for me. So just know I love ya's! And thank you for visiting me on my facebook, twitter n' myspace page!! Much love to you all, and too all a Gnite!! =)"

Thank you for your beautiful words, Dj...

Friday, July 16, 2010

Dj Ashba Brasil™ is a group dedicated to Dj ASHBA, where you can get the latest news about him, meet other people and share the same passion for this amazing guitarist!!

Everyone is welcome!!

Join the group Dj Ashba Brasil™ on:




Friday, July 9, 2010

ASHBA Swag is available at http://www.AshbaSwag.com

AND now it is ALSO available at the Congregation Of The Forgotten Saints http://www.forgottensaintsla.com

So, if you happen to be in the Hollywood area you can visit this amazing store at:

7569 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90046
Phone: (323) 655-0589

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ovation is proud to offer four new Limited Edition models - "The Demented Collection", designed by renowned guitarist Dj ASHBA.

"I have been playing Ovation guitars for more than 20 years. When I was given the opportunity to design my own signature instrument for Ovation, I took the challenge very seriously. My goal was to design an amazing guitar from head to toe - featuring my personal graphics along with the best features from all the different Ovations that I've played crammed into one guitar. One guitar quickly turned into four and The Demented Collection was born. From the wood to the hardware and tone to the graphics, The Demented Collection truly represents the ULTIMATE acoustic/electric Ovation guitars!" - Dj ASHBA

The Demented Collection four models are:
- Bone Daddy
- Ashbaland
- Bone Yard
- Chrome Bone

Available at

All demented series guitars come with an Ovation padded bag with "ASHBA" logo.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Demented Collection
Guitars designed by Dj ASHBA

(model DJA 34-BDY)

Available at http://www.AshbaSwag.com

"The graphic for the
Bone Daddy model was inspired by my neck tattoos - a stitched up heart on one side and a skull with roses on the other. My tattoo includes a banner that reads "Demented Mind"- I wanted the artwork to be the perfect combination of the three tattoos. We tied the graphic together with some barb wire and the result is an extremely colorful and vibrant graphic that just pops!"
The Demented Collection
Guitars designed by Dj ASHBA
(model DJA34-AL)

Available at

"The inspiration for the Ashbaland
model comes from an animated movie that I wrote and have been working on with the Happy Madison team. I began the design by sketching out concepts with Darcy Watt and the Ashba Media crew. The graphics are based off of an embryo that morphs into a cartoon version of me wearing my signature stitched top hat, missing my heart, set in front of a beautiful spooky moon. The color combination of yellow, purples and blacks on this guitar are simply breathtaking."
The Demented Collection
Guitars designed by Dj ASHBA
Hand Painted by Michael Godard
(model DJA34-BY)

Available at

"I teamed up with one of my best friends, the famous "Olive Artist", Michael Godard, for the Bone Yard
model. I have always admired and respected Michael's art and unique style. We brainstormed ideas and concepts, and he started sending me tons of sketches. We pieced together an amazing graphic of a Devil Olive "stripper" dancing in what appears to be hell. We added a crow sitting on a tree branch...with my name painted inside the tree. It's a very cool piece - one that I am so proud to have in the collection."
The Demented Collection
Guitars designed by Dj ASHBA
(model DJA34-CHB)

Available at http://www.AshbaSwag.com

"The graphic for the Chrome Bone model was inspired by the tattoo on my back which is entirely covered in chrome bones. I named my publishing company Chrome Bone Music after this tattoo. The name has always stuck with me. The crow was inspired by my chest tattoo, which is a murder of crows. Chrome Bone is just an amazing looking guitar!"